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Conference championship (outright)
Conference championship (tie)
National championship

20170-0IndependentKalani Sitake
20169-4Independent-Poinsettia Bowl24 - 21 WKalani Sitake
20159-4Independent-Las Vegas Bowl28 - 35 LBronco Mendenhall
20148-5Independent-Miami Beach Bowl48 - 55 LBronco Mendenhall
20138-5Independent-Fight Hunger Bowl16 - 31 LBronco Mendenhall
20128-5Independent-Poinsettia Bowl23 - 6 WBronco Mendenhall
201110-3Independent-Armed Forces Bowl24 - 21 WBronco Mendenhall
20107-6Mountain West3rd (tie)New Mexico Bowl52 - 24 WBronco Mendenhall
200911-2Mountain West2nd12Las Vegas Bowl44 - 20 WBronco Mendenhall
200810-3Mountain West3rd25Las Vegas Bowl21 - 31 LBronco Mendenhall
200711-2Mountain West1st14Las Vegas Bowl17 - 16 WBronco Mendenhall
200611-2Mountain West1st16Las Vegas Bowl38 - 8 WBronco Mendenhall
20056-6Mountain West2nd (tie)Las Vegas Bowl28 - 35 LBronco Mendenhall
20045-6Mountain West3rdGary Crowton
20034-8Mountain West6thGary Crowton
20025-7Mountain West7thGary Crowton
200112-2Mountain West1st25Liberty Bowl10 - 28 LGary Crowton
20006-6Mountain West3rd (tie)LaVell Edwards
19998-4Mountain West1st (tie)Motor City Bowl3 - 21 LLaVell Edwards
19989-5Western Athletic2ndLiberty Bowl27 - 41 LLaVell Edwards
19976-5Western Athletic4thLaVell Edwards
199614-1Western Athletic1st5Cotton Bowl19 - 15 WLaVell Edwards
19957-4Western Athletic1st (tie)LaVell Edwards
199410-3Western Athletic2nd (tie)18Copper Bowl31 - 6 WLaVell Edwards
19936-6Western Athletic1st (tie)Holiday Bowl21 - 28 LLaVell Edwards
19928-5Western Athletic1st (tie)Aloha Bowl20 - 23 LLaVell Edwards
19918-3-2Western Athletic1st23Holiday Bowl13 - 13 TLaVell Edwards
199010-3Western Athletic1st22Holiday Bowl14 - 65 LLaVell Edwards
198910-3Western Athletic1st22Holiday Bowl39 - 50 LLaVell Edwards
19889-4Western Athletic3rd (tie)Freedom Bowl20 - 17 WLaVell Edwards
19879-4Western Athletic2ndAll-American Bowl16 - 22 LLaVell Edwards
19868-5Western Athletic2ndFreedom Bowl10 - 31 LLaVell Edwards
198511-3Western Athletic1st16Citrus Bowl7 - 10 LLaVell Edwards
198413-0Western Athletic1st1Holiday Bowl24 - 17 WLaVell Edwards
198311-1Western Athletic1st7Holiday Bowl21 - 17 WLaVell Edwards
19828-4Western Athletic1stHoliday Bowl17 - 47 LLaVell Edwards
198111-2Western Athletic1st13Holiday Bowl38 - 36 WLaVell Edwards
198012-1Western Athletic1st12Holiday Bowl46 - 45 WLaVell Edwards
197911-1Western Athletic1st13Holiday Bowl37 - 38 LLaVell Edwards
19789-4Western Athletic1stHoliday Bowl16 - 23 LLaVell Edwards
19779-2Western Athletic1st (tie)20LaVell Edwards
19769-3Western Athletic1st (tie)Tangerine Bowl21 - 49 LLaVell Edwards
19756-5Western Athletic4th (tie)LaVell Edwards
19747-4-1Western Athletic1stFiesta Bowl6 - 16 LLaVell Edwards
19735-6Western Athletic4th (tie)LaVell Edwards
19727-4Western Athletic2nd (tie)LaVell Edwards
19715-6Western Athletic4thTom Hudspeth
19703-8Western Athletic7th (tie)Tom Hudspeth
19696-4Western Athletic3rdTom Hudspeth
19682-8Western Athletic7thTom Hudspeth
19676-4Western Athletic3rdTom Hudspeth
19668-2Western Athletic2nd (tie)Tom Hudspeth
19656-4Western Athletic1stTom Hudspeth
19643-6-1Western Athletic5thTom Hudspeth
19632-8Western Athletic5thHal Mitchell
19624-6Western Athletic2nd (tie)Hal Mitchell
19612-8Skyline5th (tie)Hal Mitchell
19603-8Skyline5thTally Stevens
19593-7Skyline5th (tie)Tally Stevens
19586-4Skyline3rdHal Kopp
19575-3-2Skyline2ndHal Kopp
19562-7-1Skyline7thHal Kopp
19551-9Skyline8thChick Atkinson
19541-8Skyline8thChick Atkinson
19532-7-1Skyline7th (tie)Chick Atkinson
19524-6Skyline5thChick Atkinson
19516-3-1Skyline5thChick Atkinson
19504-5-1Skyline5thChick Atkinson
19490-11Skyline6thChick Atkinson
19485-6Skyline5thEddie Kimball
19473-7Mountain States7thEddie Kimball
19465-4-1Mountain States4thEddie Kimball
19422-5Mountain States6thFloyd Millet
19414-3-2Mountain States2ndEddie Kimball
19402-4-2Mountain States4thEddie Kimball
19395-2-2Mountain States4thEddie Kimball
19384-3-1Mountain States2ndEddie Kimball
19376-3Rocky Mountain2nd (tie)Eddie Kimball
19364-5Rocky Mountain6thG. Ott Romney
19354-4Rocky Mountain6th (tie)G. Ott Romney
19344-5Rocky Mountain7thG. Ott Romney
19335-4Rocky Mountain5thG. Ott Romney
19328-1Rocky Mountain2ndG. Ott Romney
19314-4Rocky Mountain7thG. Ott Romney
19305-2-4Rocky Mountain3rdG. Ott Romney
19295-3Rocky Mountain4thG. Ott Romney
19283-3-1Rocky Mountain10thG. Ott Romney
19272-4-1Rocky Mountain7thC.J. Hart
19261-5-1Rocky Mountain9thC.J. Hart
19253-3Rocky Mountain6th (tie)C.J. Hart
19242-3-1Rocky Mountain10thAlvin Twitchell
19232-5Rocky Mountain7th (tie)Alvin Twitchell
19221-5Rocky Mountain8thAlvin Twitchell

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